Friday, July 06, 2007

Beating a Dead Horse

Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter nixed Barbaro from the August Vanity Fair in favor of Tom Hanks Jr. Shia LeBouef, according to Page Six in today's New York Post. Barbaro still peeks through the upper right hand corner of the current issue.


Handride said...

where the hell you been?

Rob said...

House hunting and changes at work ate up a lot of my time and thoughts for the past six months. A few months went by and even the Triple Crown couldn't draw me back to the blog. I figured I'd wade back in with a small post after this caught my attention this morning. I have been keeping tabs on the great stuff continuing to go on at the TBA blogs.

Handride said...

well glad to have you back on board. You're still in the RSS feed so people should take notice you're back up and running. I'll add you back to the blog roll next week, you and triple crown are back posting, that's great news.